Lead Courses

Who this course is for:
This course is designed for competent top rope climbers who now wish to learn to lead climb in an indoor sport climbing environment.

What this course provides:
This advanced climbing course gives you the opportunity to gain the necessary skills and confidence which are required for lead climbing indoors. You will have an experienced instructor who will work with you intensively, giving personal coaching on climbing techniques and advanced rope technique. This course is run over two separate days, a minimum of a week apart. During the period between your sessions, you will have free entry to the barn to enable you to come and practice the skills you learn on your first session. Your instructor will create a set up for you on the lead wall and the climbing equipment you need for this will also be free of charge.

Course content:

Duration: Two separate sessions over the space of two weeks, each session is for 3 hours.

Price: The price of this course depends upon the size of your group:

Minimum number of participants: 1, this is dependant upon you being able to bring an experienced climber with you to help.

Maximum number of participants: 4.

Minimum age: 14 years.

Experience required: To take part in this course we advise that you are climbing a minimum of f5/f5+ on a top rope, we also require that youÂ’ve had extensive experience and are confident with handling the rope in a top rope environment.

Kit hire: Included.

Extra Information:
The admission to the barn is inclusive in the price of your course. After the first 3 hr session of your course is finished, you are able to use the top rope and bouldering areas. When the last 3hr session of your course is finished, you will be able to use the lead wall, providing your instructor finds you fully competent to use it unsupervised. During the period between your two sessions you also have free access to the barn. You will be able to use the lead wall where you instructor will create a specific set up for you.

For young people between ages 14-17 yrs attending this course, we will need parents/guardians to come in and sign a Parental Consent Form and an unsupervised under 18 form. The Parental Consent Form allows the young person to participate in the course if the parents/guardians are not there. The unsupervised under 18 form give parental permission for them to use the bouldering area, top rope and lead wall areas unsupervised, providing their instructor finds them competent to do so.

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