Top Rope Wall

The Barn's dedicated top rope area has seven top ropes and up to 45 routes. Routes on this wall start at French 2 and can be set as hard as French 7b, accommodating a range of climbers from the absolute beginner to the seasoned climber.

The wall is 9 meters high; the majority of climbing is on featured slabs and grooves with the use of arête features. Routes are set up so that the climbing here provides challenges at every level!

Upon registration at The Barn, you may be asked to complete a competency test where one of our team will ask you to put on a harness, tie in using a rethreaded figure of 8 and demonstrate the ability to belay safely. After the successful completion of a competency test, you will be allowed to register as a Top Rope climber and will be allowed to supervise up to 2 novices.