Beginners Course

This course is designed for people who are new to the sport and want to learn the skills required to safely use the top rope and Bouldering areas of the wall.

 What this course provides: This course provides high quality instruction to teach the necessary skills needed to use the top rope and bouldering areas of the wall. All skills learnt comply with the national standards. The aim of the course is for you to become independent in the use of the boulder and more specifically the top rope wall, but the outcome of this is dependant upon your progress. A successful outcome would enable the participant to register as a top rope climber.


Warming up

Knowing the equipment

How to put a harness on correctly

How to tie into your harness

How to belay

How to hold a falling climbing and how to lower off a climber

Basic climbing and movement technique

An understanding of route grading in both the top rope and bouldering area

Managing the risks involved and understanding the conditions of use within the climbing wall

Duration: Two separate sessions over the space of two weeks. Each session is for 1 ½ hours.

Price: £50 per person. This price includes the cost of both sessions, equipment hire, instructors fees and admission.
Please note: This price includes an all day admission into the barn for both sessions. You will be able to continue using the boulder and top rope after your course, but the independent use of the top rope depends upon a successful completion of the course which includes registering.

Minimum number of participants: 2 people.

Maximum number of participants: 4 people.

Minimum age: 14yrs.

Experience required: For this course it would be beneficial to have had some climbing experience, e.g. Taster session, unless you feel confident enough to just get stuck in!

Kit hire: All kit included in price.

Extra information: For young people between ages 14-17 yrs attending this course, we will need parents/guardians to come in and sign a Parental Consent Form and an unsupervised under 18 form. The Parental Consent Form allows the young person to participate in the course if the parents/guardians are not there. The unsupervised under 18 form will ultimately allow them to use the bouldering and top rope areas unsupervised, providing they complete the course successfully.