Speed up your entry by printing out and filling in the appropriate registration form prior to your visit to the centre.

To register at the Barn depending on your age there are various registration forms to fill out. If you wish to print off these forms and fill them out prior to arriving, please use the links below. Before you can fully complete your registration form you must have read and understood The conditions of use and rules (PDF DOWNLOAD) of the Barn Climbing Wall. There is no charge for registration.

Conditions of Use and Rules (PDF DOWNLOAD)
(You must read and agree to these conditions of use before you complete the registration/perental consent forms)

Adult? - Under 18? - Under 14? - Bringing a Novice? - Going outdoors?



If you are over 14 years old and wish to register as a junior member then your parents/guardians will need to come into the Barn Climbing Wall and fill out an unsupervised under 18's form. This form is not available online as we need to see the parents/guardians sign this form. Parents will also need to fill out a parental consent form and have read and understood The conditions of use and rules of the Barn Climbing Wall. When these two forms are completed, you give them to an instructor at reception.

You are able to register for the use of:

  • The Boulder area only

  • The Boulder and Top rope area's

  • The Boulder, Top rope and Lead wall area's

Please note: Before you can climb unsupervised an instructor will ask you to demonstrate competent use of The Boulder, Top rope or Lead wall, depending on what you have registered for.

Once the instructor is confident that you are able to use the facilities safely, you will be able register as a junior member and attend the wall unsupervised. You will receive a membership card which you should present to reception each time you come to the barn. This card will expire after 1 year, at which point you simply fill out a new registration form and receive a new card. Please be advised that junior members are unable to supervise or be responsible for novices at the wall, only adult registered member may do this.



We are unable to offer young people under 14 years old unsupervised climbing at the Barn. If you are under 14 and wish to climb at the barn you must attend with a registered adult member who can sign you into the novice book and supervise you throughout.

Adult registration



If you are over 18 with zero climbing experience we can quickly register you for the boulder (no ropes). simply come to reception and fill out or hand in your registration form. When filling out this form you must use yes or no answers, no ticking the boxes. You can register for Bouldering, Top roping, Leading or all three depending on your experience and competence. Registration will expire after 3 years, at which point you simply fill out a new registration form.

Over 18 Unsupervised Registration Form (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Bringing a novice?



Become a registered adult


The Boulder: Once you are registered you are able to bring with you and supervise up to two novices at any time, no younger than 5 years old. Each person you bring must be signed in to the NOVICE BOOK, which you will find a reception.

Top Roping: for competent belayers, you may bring with you and supervise up to two novices. These novices may climb on the top rope area under your supervision, but no children under 5 years old please. If you wish to teach a novice to belay, the novice must be over 14 years old and a registered adult must be holding and the dead rope at all times. Once you feel the novice is competent you can ask an instructor to come and watch them belay. If the instructor is happy with their competence and safety they may also be registered for top roping.

Lead Climbing: A member of staff must be contacted prior to a novice using the lead wall.


 Groups & Outdoor days

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Make sure you have filled out the appropriate paper work.

Under 18? register here (Parental/Guardian Consent) (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Over 18? register here (PDF DOWNLOAD)