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ONLY £75

DMM Cirque Mountaineering Axe

The Cirque is fully T rated for robust performance in the harsh winter environment. The gently curved pick and shaft combine to give excellent self arrest performance, while a spike on the handle provides grip and stability on snow and ice slopes. A full size adze makes step cutting and ledge chopping easy, while the shaft allows efficient plunging of the axe into snow when making progress. The Cirque comes equipped with our Standard leash for security should you accidentally drop the axe. - DMM


ONLY £121.50

La Sportiva Genius

La Sportiva says: The Genius climbing shoe uses the innovative No-Edge technology by La Sportiva and features a lace-up closure system.
It uniquely combines the sensitivity and performance of the “no-edge” technology to the comfort, precision and volume adaptability of lace-up models.


ONLY £57

Petzl Luna

Women's climbing and mountaineering harness with adjustable leg loops for single and multi-pitch climbing.

Petzl says: The LUNA harness is tailored to a woman's physique. Designed for technical mountaineering, trad climbing or multi-pitch climbing, the harness is equipped with adjustable leg loops to adapt to all climbers, in any season. The padded leg loops and waistbelt ensure maximum comfort without hindering freedom of movement. The five equipment loops carry all the equipment required for progression on ice or rock, and make it easily accessible during the activity.


ONLY £20

Virgin on Insanity by Steve Bell

Outwardly, 'Britain's most experienced teenage Alpinist' is a brave young mountaineer. But he's not experienced at all, at least not in the way he really wants to be. Behind his death-defying climbs there lurks a great deal of fear - fear of the opposite sex, fear of failure, fear of not being 'man enough'.

He seeks manhood in the mountains, yet he believes he will only truly gain it by losing something. Harrowing escapades in Scotland, the Alps and Alaska are interspersed by excruciating sexual encounters and unsettling hitch-hiking rides. When the mountains fail him, he seeks meaning with a religious cult in Colorado. Eventually he succeeds in his quest, only to find that he's lost more than he bargained for.

- Amazon


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